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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Auditions were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We had over 200 submissions from all over the world - from NY to LA to Chicago to Dallas to even South Africa! And parts in between! We even had some actors drive hundreds of miles just for this audition. It definitely made us feel special. We were glad this project caught so many's attention. And from that big list who submitted we narrowed it down to (40) top candidates. When the actual auditions finally arrived - it became a full day of wonderment and amazement. LA really needs to start recognizing the talent here in Texas. What's sad is that some of these actors can't even get representation because they don't know the right people. And some of these owned the ones who did have representation. Not saying that was always the case - just pointing out we have some very talented people here in our own backyard. We even had (2) "secret roles" we had some audition for that we didn't list on our casting calls because we didn't want to tip our hands as to some of the things we were planning with Stones. And to see these actors get excited when we told them what we were planning and have them audition for that new role within their other audition was so much fun and sleuthy. And there's nothing like seeing someone audition who is so talented with their take on a character that forces you to go back to your original script and re-write the existing character to mold and fit them because their performance was so brilliant. And at the end of our day we were definitely giddy. You have no idea the feeling you get when you pick up the phone and call the actors to let them know they nailed it and ask them to be a part of this experience. We ended up casting (4) of the roles. But after a long night the team decided we would need call-backs for some of the male roles. Again - the talent was tremendous. What's hard is letting a few that we loved dearly know that we were going in a different directon. But we felt it was important to reach out to them - our style. It may not have been something they did at all with their performance. So many things come into place when casting. So, early Monday morning we set up shop and we get to see some of these amazing actors one more time before we announce our brilliant cast later in the afternoon. In the meantime we are finetuning the script, finalizing wardrobe, and so much more. So stay tuned. Throwing Stones is gonna be KILLER!

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