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Monday, January 31, 2011

Geek Tyrant covers episode 4!


Brian S. from Geek Tyrant has nothing but awesome since discovering Throwing Stones.  Geek Tyrant is another great media site that feeds into the IMDB News Desk.  Thank you Geek Tyrant!

BLOODEE covers Stones episodes 2-4!


BLOODEE has been there since the beginning – way back during the hot summer months of August when we just finished shooting Stones.  Thank you for covering episodes 2-4!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spencer Harlan from Stones nabs the “Breakout Star” Award from Big Daddy Horror!


STONERS! The horror community knows Big Daddy Horror for their candid interviews, reviews, as well as feeding in the latest intel into the IMDB news desk. BDH is having their first annual BREAKOUT STAR AWARDS and our very own SPENCER HARLAN who plays "Asher" in Stones nabs a spot on the list! CONGRATS SPENCER!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stones is the second most watched web series on KoldCast TV!

STONERS! Yesterday we had our BIGGEST day in Stones viewership history racking up almost 4 and half THOUSAND views of our little teen horror web series! We were the second most watched web series in the world on KoldCast TV! Keep spreading the word! Keep being awesome! And like Jon Christie - the co-host on the web show (who also plays Jackson Cole in the series) says, "Keep getting STONED!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Bad Movie Nite has been so supportive of Stones.  We've told you we love their fun site and outlook on films.  They say some nice things about the directors and mention Indie Intertube. Check it!

Stones makes it into an EPIC article about video games that make you crap your pants! You have to check this out!!!


STONERS! You so gotta check out this article! It's all about scary video games and they tie in high schoolers and teens and it all has a THROWING STONES WEB SERIES theme! HELL YES!!! They took our web series and weaved in all things video game horror.  This made our day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stones makes it into SciFi Pulse!


We wanted to thank Marx Pyle for talking about Throwing Stones on Sci Fi Pulse!  Thank you!!!

British Web Show “Those Video Guys” include Stones in their horror Web TV Special!


British Web TV Show THOSE VIDEO GUYS dedicated this week’s show to the horror genre for web series.  They spend the first few minutes talking about THROWING STONES! And like everyone else – they wish the episodes were longer!  Because just as we hook you in we leave you hanging!  Ahhh!!!  Thank you TVG! This show is good fun!  Click the link to watch!

17,927 fans have found our live web show in 4 weekly shows!


THANK YOU Stoners for tuning in to our live web show tonight! Before tonight we've had 14,502 find us over the course of our 3 shows. Tonight we had 3425 bringing the total to 17,927! We apologize for the technical issues. But we loved chatting with the fans, answering questions, Stones trivia, & Cherami and Brina on the live webcams! Some are saying it was best show yet! Thanks 2 cast, Cooper Harris, & Mingle Media TV!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another twitter milestone for STONES!


Thank you to all our followers on twitter!  And thanks to those who keep spreading the word! GET STONED!

DREAD CENTRAL reminds their viewers to watch THROWING STONES!


We love it when one of the top horror media sites in the world reminds their viewers that they should be watching Throwing Stones! DREAD CENTRAL and UNCLE CREEPY have been so good to us!!! Click-this-link!

Indie Intertube’s “Smexiest Actress” Award Winner COOPER HARRIS to guest host this week’s live web show!


STONERS! What makes tomorrow's live web show so special? 1. Many from the Stones cast will be live web chatting directly w/ yo throughout the entire show. 2. We have the Indie Intertube's "Smexiest" Actress Award Winner (Smart and Sexy) from a web series COOPER HARRIS guest hosting the show out in LA! She'll do the hosting so we can live web chat with you! Cooper is known for her hit comedy web series SQUATTERS, as well as a long list of sweet credits. We can't wait to get STONED!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stones get into GEEK TYRANT!!!


STONERS! Geek Tyrant has been really good to us. Big page layouts, great write-ups, and so much support from a media site that feeds into the IMDB news desk. Thank you so much for getting the word out and liking what we're doing! We're about to grab the Kleenex box.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stones web TV special to be aired on THOSE VIDEO GUYS!


THOSE VIDEO GUYS is the first web TV series devoted to reviewing the very best the web has to offer in web series, youtube channels and video virals. And they are having their first HORROR SPECIAL EPISODE where they are featuring all things THROWING STONES!

If you are a fan of THROWING STONES than tweet THOSE VIDEO GUYS @thosevideoguys with your comments on the show and they will read out the best fan comments they receive on Twitter on their live show.

Watch them LIVE on Wednesdays at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / 9pm CET

Click the link for deets!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stones lands one of the top headlines in THE WEB SERIES DAILY!


THROWING STONES lands one of the top headlines in THE WEB SERIES DAILY!  Check it out!!!

Stones’ Rebekah Kennedy stars in Blood is Blood w/ “Eggs” from True Blood!


STONERS! Check out Stones' very own REBEKAH KENNEDY in the trailer for her next feature film called BLOOD IS BLOOD that also stars "Eggs" from True Blood! You can see Rebekah around the 52 second mark!

Thank You Sci Final!


@SciFinal has been really good to Stones. They still have a sweet banner on the front page of their site promoting us! They also retweet so many of our tweets to their followers. Here's a pic of Stones cast member and co-host of the live web show BRINA PALENCIA showing off her sweet Sci Final swag on last night's live web show! Sci Final has the best listings fo Sci Fi and horror web shows. Thank you Sci Final!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THANK YOU TO OUR FANS! American Idol who???


Our live web show went up against the American Idol season debut and we still had 3118 fans find us! THANK YOU to the FANS! We hope you enjoyed the show! THANK YOU to the hosts Brina Palencia & Jon Christie for doing an incredible job, our awesome cast for doing what what you do, to our sponsors, and Mingle Media TV! If you missed the show - the replay should be up tomorrow under the Stickam Tab on our fb page.

Another Facebook Milestone!


Stoners! We’ve reached another milestone on Facebook!  We’ve reached over (900) Stoners!  GET STONED!  Thank you to our awesome fans for spreading the word!!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Don’t forget to sign up to win the sweet swag from our sponsors this week!


STONERS! How easy it it to win the Stones giveaways? Just ask our lucky winners so far who have won awesome HD Web Cams and Gaming Headsets from Creative Labs, and ginormous gift cards from Eastbay, CCS , and each week! Just click the link then press the Free Swag ticket!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The HorrorNews.Net


We somehow missed this story from the HorrorNews.Net.  They have been so supportive since the very beginning.  They’ve updated their viewers each step of the way on our series.  Thank you!

VOTE for Stones’ Lindsay Seidel and her performance in The Final!


Remember last week when we told you that our very own Lindsay Seidel who plays "Rachel" in Stones is nominated for her role in the Lionsgate Hit THE FINAL as EMILY by the Frightmeter Awards?!? You can cast your vote for your choice for the winners here:

You can now check-in with Stones on our live web show! Think 4Square for TV with CLICKER!


STONERS! Mingle Media TV has added a check-in (think 4Square for TV) to our Mingle Media TV show page! Now you can "Check In" with clicker so you can show your friends that you're getting STONED!  Still not sure on how to watch the live web show or how to chat with us (a big part of our show) - click the link and look at the sidebar info on the right-hand side of the page!

You can check out CLICKER’s web site here:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Stones makes it back to the UK with SCREAM MAGAZINE!


SCREAM MAGAZINE over in the UK has been very good to us.  We even landed in the hard copy of the magazine last month.  Scream Magazine has started pimping our first two episodes.  Click the link, mates!

Here’s a list of 2nd week’s winners from our sponsors!!!


Congrats to our STONERS John C from Elmont NY, Tara C from Lancaster SC, Sarah R from Draper Utah, Michael C from Ithica NY, & Michelle D from Dallas TX who are this week's winners who entered to win the sweet swag from our AMAZING sponsors Creative Labs , Eastbay , CCS , and ! Emails were sent to you from Mingle Media TV!  Didn’t win this week? Haven’t signed up yet?  It’s simple!  Just click on the link below then click on the Free Swag ticket!

$100 Gift Card from CCS – Tara

HD Webcam from Creative Labs – Sarah

Gamer Headset from Creative Labs – John

$100 Gift Card from Eastbay – Michael

$50 Gift Card from - Michelle

Thursday, January 13, 2011

EnterBRAINment covers STONES!


EnterBRAINment is a blog that’s devoted to all kinds of media.  We would like to thank Michael Fromm for doing such a great write-up over episodes 1 and 2 of Stones.  Click the link!

Horror Movies & Stuff launches Stones contest! Check it!


Our good friends over at Horror Movies & Stuff have teamed up with Throwing Stones to bring you a sweet little contest where YOU, the fans, can win something pretty darn cool! So click the link that will take you to Horror Movies & Stuff to find out what you need to do!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horror Movies & Stuff Autographed Poster Contest!

Win an autographed Throwing Stones movie poster brought to you by Horror Movies & Stuff!

1. Watch episode 2 on the player below.
2. Tweet that you watched it!
3. You're entered! It's that simple!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Throwing Stones wants you to have a new pair of shoes!


Eastbay is known for their premier athletic and sporting gear.  And they just so happen to be one of the THROWING STONES sponsors!  Need a new pair of shoes?  They carry all the best brands.  So why not let Eastbay and Stones let you pick out your favorite pair? All you have to do is click on the link the below and press the Free Swag Ticket icon.  It’s that simple!  Thank you @eastbay!

Stones wants to get COMFY with you!

One of our fantastic sponsors COMFY GIRL, is going to be giving away a some sweet Comfy Girl swag tomorrow for our live show. So let’s stay warm and comfy this season and be fashionable while we do it Stones style! So how do you win? EASY! Just click the link and sign up where you see the “Win Free Swag” ticket. That’s it! Thank you @comfygirl !!!


BLOODEE covers Stones!


BLOODEE covers Stones! Bloodee were one of the first horror media sites to cover Throwing Stones way back when we just finished wrapping the shoot. They wanted to see more!!! Check it out!


You want to get CREATIVE with us???


One of our fantastic sponsors – CREATIVE LABS, is going to be giving away a Cam Socialize HD 1080 Web Cam to our  one of our fans tomorrow night!  Heck yeah!  All you have to do is click the link below and hit the free swag button so we know who you are!  Thank you @CreativeLabs


Monday, January 10, 2011

So how do I watch the live web show on my phone?


You can watch a new Stones webisode each Wednesday on,, on our facebook page, our production blog, and our official site

And you can also watch our LIVE WEB SHOW with cast each Wednesday night on Mingle Media TV or our facebook page (look at the Stickam tab up on the top) where you can interact with the cast, get to know  more about the series, and get all the deets on what’s to come! 

But what if you’re on the GO and not at home on your computer and you miss the live web show?  No worries!  The live web show will be taped and you can watch it when you get home as many times as you like.  BUT check this out – you can watch the live web show from your mobile phone as it airs as well!  So what do you have to do to watch? 

1. Go to and sign up for the Stickam app for iphone/android/blackberry etc...   This way you can watch it on your mobile phone.

2. Look for the channel MMTVN_ThrowingStones at 8 PM EST on Wednesdays (it will only show up when the show is LIVE).

It’s that simple!

Time to send in your questions for the 2nd live web show!


Our first live web show on Mingle Media TV was awesome!  We had 4611 people find us last week.  Wahoo!  If you watched the show – we had one portion of show called “The E-mail Bag.”  Do you have a burning question about Throwing Stones for one of the hosts, the cast, or the writers/directors?  Then send it our way!  And make sure you tune in to see if your question makes it on the air!  Depending on who are guests are each week – we will save those questions for those particular guests that the questions pertain to when they will be on our show.  You of course can also live chat with us via the Mingle Media Page!

So send your questions for the E-Mail Bag to:

If you want to reach out via live chat – the link below will tell you what do to!

We look forward to answering your questions!

Stones made it into Bad Movie Nite! Yes!


The people over at Bad Movie Nite truly run a fun site that will have you laughing. And they've been nothing but super swell to us over there.  Click it!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our second live web show is coming!


Stoners! Get ready for our 2nd live web show on Mingle Media TV this Wed night 8 PM East/7 PM Cent! You can even watch it on the Stickam tab on Stones fb page! Last week 4611 fans found us! More sweet give-aways from our sponsors, Eastbay, CCS , & Creative Labs. Click the link then click on the ENTER TO WIN SWAG Icon! It's that simple!

A Stones twitter shout out to @Celeb_Angel !!!

Team Stones wants to give a nice twitter shout out to Amelie a.k.a @Celeb_Angel for spreading the word about Throwing Stones.  Thank You!!!

And the winner of our Hidden Clue in episode 1 of Stones is…


Wow!  What a tremendous response we got from our fans in our Hidden Clue Contest!  Hell yeah!  The past 24 hours have been fun watching fans send in their answers.  Many of you nailed it, some said they could never find it even after three tries, and others were pretty close.  So our question for the “Find the hidden clue in episode 1 of Stones” was:

Q: What day is the College Fair?

Here’s your answer below:


COLLEGE FAIR! Juniors and Seniors sign up with your guidance counselors TODAY!  Because the event takes place NEXT WEEK!!! 

Even though we many got it right and realized we were being sneaky, there could only be one winner with this drawing.  We put all the names into a big hat and drew.  And our winner is…

SILVESTRE G. from FRANCE!!!  Congratulations!!! 

You are the proud winner of one of the official Throwing Stones movie posters that will be signed some of the cast!  Please give us a few weeks to get this out to you.  We have all of your info.

Thanks so much to all who entered.  And make sure you tune in for our next big contest.  It’s gonna be a Scream! ;)

-- Team Stones

The Horror Movie News covers Stones!


The Horror Movie News let their viewers know about Stones.  They so rock!  Click the link!