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Thursday, September 2, 2010

BloodaPalooza has been shut down...

Stones fans...
We've been receiving tons of e-mails asking about BloodaPalooza. Sadly, this event has been shut down due to some key guests breaching some legal agreements. This had NOTHING to do with us. The BP people were great to us. We were looking forward to debuting our trailer and meeting some great new faces. We will continue to keep you posted on all things Stones. Hopefully more good news to come.

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  1. It's kind of awesome how no one told ticketstorm or the people who bought tickets or posted it ANYWHERE else. I had to call Market Hall TODAY to find out. I will never again have anything to do with any event these people promote. They have been still trying to work my artist's shop for their entry fee money AFTER THIS apparent cancellation.

    This is the shadiest, most f-ed up unprofessional business I have ever witnessed and will and have informed the rest of the promoters I know here in Texas to stay away from this promoter from now on.