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Stones You Tube Channel
Throwing Stones You Tube Channel

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Times have been announced from Networks for 1st episode!


The NEW Stones time for the first episode has been announced by the Networks!Throwing Stones the teen horror web series debuts on KoldCast TV and Mingle Media TV this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 1:02 AM PST!  This means you can start watching our first episode as early as 1:02 AM PST! The episode runs ALL DAY!  And you can watch as many times as possible!  Each webisode in the series is 3-5 min. long.  All you need is a computer.  You don't have to go anywhere!  And if you miss it tomorrow - it will still be there! 

You can watch the episode from the following places:

- Our official site:

- Our production blog:

- KoldCast TV site:

- Mingle Media TV:

The LIVE WEB SHOW starts at 8 PM Eastern! You can go to

or our facebook page on stickam tab on the top) to watch our live web show with the cast and have a chance to win some great FREE swag from our sponsors: Eastbay, CCS Sports, Comfy Girl, and Creative Labs.See More

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