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Stones You Tube Channel
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

28 Days Later Horror Analysis gives a great review of Stones!


Michael Allen over at 28 Days Later Horror Analysis @28DLA has always been so good to us here at Throwing Stones.  His site feeds into the IMDB news desk.  He always has great insights into every genre of horror.  He did a great write-up on Stones!

“The fear-inducing webseries ‘Throwing Stones’ debuted on 28DLA with an article here: Broken Windows Theory Explained on 28DLA. Now, the first episode in the series is available inside. The clip is about three minutes long and the tone of the film, thus far, is pure fear.

If you are on you lunch break and still in the office, turn down the volume slightly as the screams from the monitor might make those around you think you are being murdered! All the details on this series are inside.”

Read more by clicking the link!

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